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Primordial Gnosis


Unlike my other books, this one has a strange origin. It was "received" in its totality during sleep, between July and November 2005. On waking up each morning over these four months, there was in my mind a sentence or a paragraph which would later be the complete message put in the form of a book, and soon I set out to write it, afraid of forgetting it.

It was like I was attending a university course in my dreams, in which I was informed about all kinds of strange topics. In one of these dreams I saw a type of teacher or master who said to me: "separate yourself from the rest of my students, since I must entrust you with a different task." I asked him his name and he said something like "Luisifel" or "Luisfel". This is how my experiences were during the months that this phenomenon lasted; after which this form of contact during sleep stopped completely.

When I had put together everything that I had written, I realized that a major change had occurred within me and that I was no longer that what I had been before before. Writing the book had totally transformed me, maybe irreversibly.

Currently I am investigating if there is some kind of secret message or hidden key still undiscovered in this book.


Jose Herrou Aragon | Revealer of Primordial Gnosis

Jose M. Herrou Aragon
Revealer of Primordial Gnosis


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