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Primordial Gnosis

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Títle & I.S.B.N.
1. Primordial Gnosis
2. Matter is evil
3. Time is evil
4. The creator god
5. The creation of the world
6. The creation of man
7. The Unknowable God
8. Body, soul and Spirit
9. Three kinds of man
10. Satan, the oppressor
11. Lucifer, the liberator
12. The Serpent of Salvation
13. Cain, the Immortal
14. The plans of the creator god
15. Death and reincarnation
16. Manvantaras and pralayas
17. The Great Conspiracy
18. Light and darkness
19. The black and white lodges
20. Rebelliousness and

21. Gnostic initiation
22. True liberation of the Spirit

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The bible doesn't say so but time started with the Big Bang. At the very start of creation when god said "Let there be light", these four words could not have been spoken if time hadn't existed. Time was created by the creator god when he created light. The first great explosion and expansion could not have existed without time. Time and space were created together and are thus inseparable. Time is the breath of the creator god. And all his creation, the expansion of the universe, the evolution of species, the gradual development of his plan, could not occur without time. According to the Gnostics, the time-breath of the creator god is as satanic as matter and as satanic as the creator god himself.

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