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Primordial Gnosis

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Títle & I.S.B.N.
1. Primordial Gnosis
2. Matter is evil
3. Time is evil
4. The creator god
5. The creation of the world
6. The creation of man
7. The Unknowable God
8. Body, soul and Spirit
9. Three kinds of man
10. Satan, the oppressor
11. Lucifer, the liberator
12. The Serpent of Salvation
13. Cain, the Immortal
14. The plans of the creator god
15. Death and reincarnation
16. Manvantaras and pralayas
17. The Great Conspiracy
18. Light and darkness
19. The black and white lodges
20. Rebelliousness and

21. Gnostic initiation
22. True liberation of the Spirit

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Much has been said lately about the white lodge and the black lodge. The beings that form these lodges work in other dimensional planes, which are invisible to the common man. It is said that the white lodge is formed from supposedly highly evolved beings, who try to help man evolve, in agreement with the Grand Plan which the creator god set aside for his material creation and his creatures. As this lodge is trying to help man, so he can satisfactorily fulfil his function within the plan of creation, it is called "white lodge" or "white brotherhood". It would be something like "the good lodge of good beings of light".

On the other hand, we can already imagine who the members of the black lodge are: those who are opposed to the plan of the creator god, those who are trying to prevent this plan from being carried out. This is the black lodge, the "bad guys of the film". We should make it clear that we are using the term "black lodge" to avoid confusion, because that is how it is commonly known, having been given that name by the agents of the demiurge. The representatives of the Spirit would never form a "lodge". Its true name is the Black Order.

The white lodge works in favour of the creator god and his plan, whereas the black lodge works against it. For that reason, members of the black lodge are called "the mistaken brothers", because "being able to help with construction they decided to destroy" and "being able to do good, they opted for evil". When it is stated that the members of the black lodge are opposed to the "perfect plan of a good demiurge", the effect is a rejection and a natural aversion to these "enemies of the good". That which has deliberately been hidden for centuries is that these "enemies of the only god" do not oppose the work of this creator just for the sake of it. The fact that they have another god, who is not the devil but the Superior and True God, has been hidden. The struggle to make the demiurge's plans fail is the sacred task of these warriors of the True Good and this has been hidden. It has been hidden that the Unknowable God also has a plan, infinitely brilliant and perfect. And all this has been concealed from us to better deceive us and to better discredit and slander the Warriors of the Spirit, so that we cannot wake up and so that we cannot be "like god, knowing good and evil".

There is a war which started with the Big Bang, thousands of millions of years ago, between these two forces of darkness and Light, between the creator god and the Unknowable God. The white and black lodges are their respective armies. Since this is the world of the demiurge, he is the one who decides who to call white and who to call black. The world of the demiurge is also the battlefield where this war is fought.

How are these "masters of wisdom" of the white lodge commonly represented? They are represented as angelic and kind, bearded and wearing white, as if they were pure and immaculate. They are represented like this in order to better deceive the gullible. So that no-one suspects that these are the real demons, in charge of carrying out the satanic plan of the demiurge. So that no-one suspects that these deceivers of man are the ones trying to make sure that mankind carries on blindly, advancing towards Spiritual death. So that no-one ever finds out that these executioners of the Spirit are those who desire that each man were one more cog in the wheel, one more machine, one more link. One more ant in the Universal Communist Anthill which the satan-demiurge has set aside as the final destiny of mankind.

It is said that at the end of each man's evolution, if he has lost the battle of the Spirit and cannot fight any more, that is when he will see the true faces of these false "masters" of the white lodge.

In the last hundred and fifty years, these members of the white lodge have started to be described, each time with more clarity. Their names, appearances and characteristics can be found in books by Helena Blavatsky and in books by those who followed her, Alice Bailey being the one who stands out. We have spoken about one of the members of the white lodge: Satan Kumara. What a name! It was just too much and had to be disguised later on, changing it to Sanat Kumara. Each one of them, like the demiurge, has many names, many disguises to better deceive. Some of them have the real names of demons, like Maitreya, who is said to be "the real Christ", or the "masters" Morya and Dwall Khul. Others have noble titles such as "Prince" Rakotzy, a true "Prince" of the darkness. There are many more, all similar. All these demons, empty eggshells of the demiurge, will be disintegrated in the pralaya along with everything created.

On the other hand, members of the black lodge are represented as terrible monstrous beings. In what other way could they be represented in the world of the demiurge? They are called "messengers of Satan" or "agents of the Malign". They are represented as destructive monsters, usually dressed in black to better confuse the gullible.

Leaving aside the lies which have been invented to better discredit them, let us now analyze some characteristics of the warriors of the black lodge.

Firstly, what appearance could a divine being, a Being of Light who enters this hell, have? Certainly not a happy face but one full of pain, disfigured by all the suffering. The sacrifice of Beings of Light, who invade the world of the demiurge to help men who have lost their way, involves the worst suffering imaginable.

Secondly, what colour did we say a sleeping man perceives the Uncreated Light? The darkest black of course, because True Light blinds the impure man. To be represented in black is an honour for a Warrior of the Spirit, because black signifies pure Light, blinding Light, True Light.

Thirdly, how do these Beings of Light behave when they burst into the demiurge's universe? When the warriors of the black lodge infiltrate this created hell, they do so for a limited time, to carry out a precise mission and then to get out as quickly as possible. They have no time to waste, since this impure world is an inconceivable torment for them. On reaching the great demented monstrosity of the demiurge, the right thing to do is to hit the exact spot where it hurts and escape. For those coming from the unknowable world, the war against the created is a Total War. For them, nothing created deserves to be saved.

If a common man could see these beings, he would be scared by their aggressiveness and destructiveness. He would perceive them as dangerous enemies, like the beings imagined by Lovecraft, or those in films such as "Hellraiser" or "Predator". Viewing reality through his body and soul, the common man sees the pure as impure and his saviours as enemies.

Warriors of the Spirit loathe matter. They are indeed destroyers, but destroyers of the impure. If a common man came face to face with these beings, all that was impure within him, his body and soul would be disintegrated. These beings are formed from the antimatter fire of the other world; therefore not a single created atom can collide with them without disappearing. If these warriors were to approach a common man, they would destroy his body and soul, although not his Spirit, which is made from pure fire, just like them. Only the absurd aspects would be destroyed, the sick part, that which imprisons the Spirit, the coffin which encases It: the body and soul of the animal wrongly called man.

On the other hand, men transmuted into pure Spirit will never be afraid of anything. They can indeed see reality such as it is. They can indeed discriminate correctly between Good and evil. They can indeed see the members of the black lodge as they really are. They know that the antimatter fire only destroys the created, not the uncreated. The Spirit is not afraid of death, simply because as far as the Spirit is concerned, death does not exist, because the Spirit is eternal. And the day everything that is garbage is destroyed, that is to say, the day on which all creation and its creator are disintegrated, when nothing remains, not even a single atom, body or soul, only the Spirits will remain, freed forever. Now there will be no more duality and the world will go back to being one and only one: the Unknowable Eternal Fire.

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