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Primordial Gnosis

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Títle & I.S.B.N.
1. Primordial Gnosis
2. Matter is evil
3. Time is evil
4. The creator god
5. The creation of the world
6. The creation of man
7. The Unknowable God
8. Body, soul and Spirit
9. Three kinds of man
10. Satan, the oppressor
11. Lucifer, the liberator
12. The Serpent of Salvation
13. Cain, the Immortal
14. The plans of the creator god
15. Death and reincarnation
16. Manvantaras and pralayas
17. The Great Conspiracy
18. Light and darkness
19. The black and white lodges
20. Rebelliousness and

21. Gnostic initiation
22. True liberation of the Spirit

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Primordial Gnosis is knowledge, wisdom. That is the meaning of the word Gnosis: knowledge. But we are not just referring to any knowledge here. Gnosis is very special knowledge. It is knowledge that causes a great transformation in those who receive it. Knowledge capable of nothing less than waking up and Spiritually liberating those who acquire it. That is its purpose: to throw light on the status of human beings and to try to wake up man and help him escape from the prison in which he finds himself. That is the reason why this knowledge has been repeatedly under attack throughout the course of history, because it is knowledge considered dangerous for the religious and political authorities who govern mankind from the shadows. For that reason Gnosis has always remained occult. Gnosis is secret knowledge, only accessible to those who deserve to have it. Different religions throughout history have tried to keep man ignorant of this knowledge, of this type of knowledge called Gnosis. Now we will find out why.

What I am calling Primordial Gnosis is the pure form of Gnosis. It is always the same and will never change as long as the Spiritual situation in which man finds himself and all that we call "creation" or "world" don't change. On the few occasions in the past in which Primordial Gnosis was openly exposed, it was not in its pure form but was adapted to the cultural and historical particularities of the time and place. However, Primordial Gnosis has always been behind almost every theological and philosophical system which has been branded heretic, forbidden, persecuted and forced to become occult. By examining this forbidden knowledge it is possible to recover the pieces necessary to reconstruct the whole of that which is Primordial Gnosis.

And if that knowledge were to be discovered and written down, it would be a very powerful and disturbing book. It would be the most dangerous text in the world, capable of waking up and liberating those who read and study it. Such a book would be a strange object in this created world, something not fabricated here, but coming from somewhere else, from another world completely different to this one. It would also be capable of surviving flames as well as time.

Throughout this book I will try to keep as close as possible to that which was and is Primordial Gnosis, Gnostic knowledge in its pure form.

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