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Primordial Gnosis

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Títle & I.S.B.N.
1. Primordial Gnosis
2. Matter is evil
3. Time is evil
4. The creator god
5. The creation of the world
6. The creation of man
7. The Unknowable God
8. Body, soul and Spirit
9. Three kinds of man
10. Satan, the oppressor
11. Lucifer, the liberator
12. The Serpent of Salvation
13. Cain, the Immortal
14. The plans of the creator god
15. Death and reincarnation
16. Manvantaras and pralayas
17. The Great Conspiracy
18. Light and darkness
19. The black and white lodges
20. Rebelliousness and

21. Gnostic initiation
22. True liberation of the Spirit

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All religions maintain that "matter is good", "the world is good", "it was created by God". And "God is just, God is good and created something good for man". That is why the bible says "And God said 'Let there be light', and there was light. And God saw that light was good".

Primordial Gnosis, which we can from now on just call Gnosis, with capital letters to differentiate it from other false gnosis which has appeared throughout the course of history, maintains the opposite: matter is evil and impure; matter is the prison of the Spirit. This material world is hell. Matter is evil, and if matter is evil it follows that its creator must also be evil. For Gnostics, the material world, this world, was created not by a good or just god but by a creator satan. Matter is something satanic, therefore whoever created it must also be a satanic being.

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